Reaching Home Plate

  1. 3  Strikes
  2. 4 Balls
  3. 1 Homerun
  4. Pitching
  5. Catching
  6. Hitting
  7. Gloves
  8. Bat
  9. Balls
  10. Dugout
  11. Bases Loaded
  12. Strike Out
  13. Knuckleball

Listing a few things to do with Baseball….of course thats not the only sport that will be featured on the show. Writing down some thoughts and putting it out there in cyberspace; trying to get a food theme. Of course during Football season the Tailgate theme always works, but is a tad overdone. Baseball can be cookout food – but done. Soccer is the Worlds Sport….

Gotta keep thinking….post if you have ideas…..anything is welcome!


Batter Up……

Come to the plate with bat in hand or to the table with fork in hand……either way batter up for an exciting new show.

We want the show to be audience driven so all social medias will be used to connect the viewer with the shows hosts and athletes!