Baseball Ray, Baseball. …

A little miffed at MLB for their institution of the wildcard playoff games. Can’t possibly add instant reply like every other sport,  no let’s put into place a nonsense game that negates a record that previously would have meant a team advances to the playoffs as the wildcard.

Yes I’m chewing on sour grapes b/c my team didn’t advance as a result of this new “game”. The fact of the matter is I wouldn’t be chewing on these grapes I’d be sitting at a playoff game had some genuis not come up with this amazing idea (sarcasm) As if the season isn’t long enough and why have a pre-playoff showdown?! If there’s a tie yes THAT MAKES SENSE, but why oh why would you force a team who obviously has the lead to play a tie-breaker?! Is this bush league?! Are we trying to be fair to all the poor major league teams like its the pony league?!

Baseball is simple….yet complicated to people who don’t get that something worth waiting for is worth sitting through 9 innings. That tailgating isn’t a necessity I know baffles some, but why make it even more complicated with these awesome additions. @!&*#


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