Home Plate – Sizzle Tape


Reaching Home Plate

  1. 3  Strikes
  2. 4 Balls
  3. 1 Homerun
  4. Pitching
  5. Catching
  6. Hitting
  7. Gloves
  8. Bat
  9. Balls
  10. Dugout
  11. Bases Loaded
  12. Strike Out
  13. Knuckleball

Listing a few things to do with Baseball….of course thats not the only sport that will be featured on the show. Writing down some thoughts and putting it out there in cyberspace; trying to get a food theme. Of course during Football season the Tailgate theme always works, but is a tad overdone. Baseball can be cookout food – but done. Soccer is the Worlds Sport….

Gotta keep thinking….post if you have ideas…..anything is welcome!

Baseball Ray, Baseball. …

A little miffed at MLB for their institution of the wildcard playoff games. Can’t possibly add instant reply like every other sport,  no let’s put into place a nonsense game that negates a record that previously would have meant a team advances to the playoffs as the wildcard.

Yes I’m chewing on sour grapes b/c my team didn’t advance as a result of this new “game”. The fact of the matter is I wouldn’t be chewing on these grapes I’d be sitting at a playoff game had some genuis not come up with this amazing idea (sarcasm) As if the season isn’t long enough and why have a pre-playoff showdown?! If there’s a tie yes THAT MAKES SENSE, but why oh why would you force a team who obviously has the lead to play a tie-breaker?! Is this bush league?! Are we trying to be fair to all the poor major league teams like its the pony league?!

Baseball is simple….yet complicated to people who don’t get that something worth waiting for is worth sitting through 9 innings. That tailgating isn’t a necessity I know baffles some, but why make it even more complicated with these awesome additions. @!&*#

Lemon Syrup and Lemon Bread Recipe


Ingredients for Lemon Bread 

4-5 Lemons (depending on how much lemon syrup you want…recipe below)

1 cup sugar

Lemon peels (I let mine sit in the fridge overnight before using them in the bread)

2 cups self-rising flour (or if you’re like me I use 2/3 cup self-rising, 1 cup coconut flour…..you can also add spelt flour instead of self-rising if you are looking for a health kick)

I used water to moisten since I end up adding not only the lemon peels but lemon syrup, but you can add coconut milk (or almond milk or soy or regular….you get the idea….I give the basics and let you tailor the recipe to YOU)

I know this is annoying but I add in the lemon syrup to taste…the reason why is each batch will have either more of a lemon taste or less….meaning again you can  modify it to your liking

As you will see below (you can read why down yonder) I also added the whole kit n caboodle of lemon peel mush into the lemon bread which turned out to caramelize on top of and all through the bread and also was a zest of “ohlala” to bite into a piece of lemon peel here and there.

Mix all in a bowl – I’m no Betty Crocker so you can either do dry ingredients first and then wet or all together. Personally in all my awesomeness in the kitchen I’ve never found doing wet and dry separately does anything but maybe make it a little prettier (personally I’d rather it taste good than look good but hey I’m no Julia Child either.) Bake for 30-40 mins at 325*


Depending on how much syrup you want (for more add more lemons)…for mine I used 5 lemons and I wish I’d have used more (or had bigger lemons)

In a sauce pan boil enough water to cover all the peels…..once it is boiling add in a cup of sugar and allow it all to boil for 5 mins. After 5 mins lower to a simmer and cook for 1hr (I cooked mine for 2, but I’m lazy and I like my peels tender.)

You can either dry off (I didn’t, but I’ll tell you why you should) your peels or once the water is drained place them directly in a handful of sugar to coat the peels; I let mine sit in the fridge overnight.

As to why you should dry off the peels before placing them in the sugar: Mine became a gooey, nasty mess and needless to say weren’t edible as candied peels. However the gooey mess made an EXCELLENT addition to the lemon bread giving it a caramelized topping as it baked (even mistakes turn into wonderful accidents if you are brave enough to PLAY with your food)

Winning Recipes

Along with the show there’s going to be a cookbook with Athletes favorite dishes; their moms signature dishes and a few from the spouses.

But to keep the blog moving faster than it has been I’m going to feature some of the recipes from a cookbook I’m doing with the very talented Sayna Ora. Videos, written instructions. ..featured guests…..

Keep checking back and have your friends follow!